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Sunflower Pillow Cover by Wilshire Collections

This Sunflower Pillow Cover was from the Pillow Cover Club in August 2023!
(This pillow cover is now for individual sale and by purchasing this, you are not joining our subscription. If you are interested in a subscription, click the link below.)

You're in luck! We have some extras from our August pillow cover club! Scoop one up before they are gone and then consider joining the pillow cover club to get in on the fun that's to come! AND to get the best deal and first dibs!

Just ask yourself this...

Are you someone that loves to buy cute new pillows for all the seasons and reasons, but you struggle with enough storage space to store all of them?

Are you tired of always pillow hunting for the cutest designs or having to decide what to get for your home?

What if I told you you could have a new pillow cover designed by me…. delivered right to your door? Let me take the legwork out of it for you, help you decorate your home AND help you save on storage space from all the big bulky pillows!

The Wilshire Collections Pillow Cover Club is our newest subscription where you receive a surprise pillow cover to your door monthly. 

Being a subscriber you will get the best deal on our future pillow covers plus get you free shipping, but if we have extra pillow covers from the month, they will be available for individual sale, like this one. Grab yours now, limited quantities are available!