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Hey, there! I'm Stacey...

The owner of Wilshire Collections! I am decorating, DIY and shopping obsessed! I’m passionate about helping ladies learn to create, decorate and find JOY in their home! I truly believe it is so important to LOVE our homes and the things we surround ourselves with.
stacey collins wilshire collections

  I’m a southern born and southern raised girl who lives just south of Nashville, TN. I’ve had a love for creativity from a young age. As a kid if I wasn’t putting on a “play” that I created I was doing something crafty. I wore lots of puff painted DIY shirts back in my day. 😉 My mom has a deep love for design and décor and I grew up watching her decorate, change things out for seasons, shop for deals and make our house a home. She had me shopping those aisles of TJMaxx at a young age, and I had no idea back then what an impact it would all have on my life.  The name Wilshire came about because I grew up on Wilshire Way. Funny how things come full circle!

I hope I can inspire and encourage you to love the space you are in. It doesn’t matter if it’s an 800 square foot apartment or a 4,000 square foot house on the hill. You must be able to walk into your home and feel cozy, comfortable and happy with your surroundings!
I truly believe you can make your spaces beautiful without spending a fortune. When I shop I want to buy all the things, but I try and only bring in pieces and accessories that I truly love and feel represent me and my style. Did I mention I like to shop? I’m impulsive when it comes to projects around my house and usually just jump right in when the moment catches me.
I have been married to Anthony for almost 19 years now and he is my biggest supporter and encourager! I 100% couldn’t do what I do without him and I LOVE that he is handy and always up for a project! I’m also a mom to 2 boys, Parker (age 14) and Tyler (age 9). They are the biggest joys of my life! (Along with their Dad!)
collins family
The past 7 years I have been running this business of mine, Wilshire Collections. It has evolved and changed a lot over the years, and I can honestly say I’m at a place where I’ve never been happier with it. It has been amazing and I feel blessed to do something I love every day. I truly get JOY from inspiring people and helping others make progress in their home.
I love walking into my own home and feeling like I’m truly home. It’s my space, with my people, and my things. Hopefully you will be encouraged and motivated here to feel the same.
God gave me a gift and I feel so blessed to be able to use it in a way that I never could have dreamed possible!
stacey collins magnolia market
ALL OF YOU YOU ARE MY WHY!! You are why I wake up and do this everyday! Because I TRULY want others to feel the same way I do when I create or decorate. I want you to find joy in that journey and be proud of your home. You DO NOT have to go to design school to create pretty spaces and I am living proof of that.
Thanks so much for joining me on this journey! I appreciate EACH and every one of you!