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You Are Strong Printable Crafters Bundle

Whether used for personal projects or as thoughtful, handmade gifts, the You Are Strong Printable Crafters Bundle is a testament to the power of creativity in fostering positivity and strength. This printable bundle is only $7!

A perk of being in our Printable Club subscription is getting exclusive printables every month. These designs are exclusive for up to a year in the Club. Since it has been over a year, this is now available on our site for purchase!

(This printable was released inside the Printable Club in January 2023)

What do you do with a printable? You print it out (in color) on a normal piece of computer paper. It is formatted for a regular size piece of paper and can be trimmed down to fit inside an 8×10 picture frame if that’s what you decide to do with it. These are also perfect for your next craft project or DIY! Get creative with it and have fun! 

*This printable includes a license that allows you to make crafts with it for resale. Sharing, copying or selling the printable PDF file itself or any type of digital file is NOT allowed. Only finished craft/decor pieces can be sold. Wilshire Collections holds the license of all digital files.*

Please Note: Nothing will be shipped to you. This printable will be emailed to you after purchase. This is a downloadable printable that will be emailed to you after checkout and you can save it and either print from home, or send it somewhere like Staples, Office Depot, UPS store, etc, anywhere that makes copies. (The Wilshire Collections watermark will not be on your page when you print it.)

To learn more about printables you can also visit this page to read all the fun details on exactly what printables are and how to use them! Click Here for Blog Post 

Please check your spam/junk mail if you do not see your email with the printables. You are responsible for SAVING the file once you get it. They can not be emailed to you again down the road if you misplace the file. If you have any issues, please email: