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Ready to make cute decor for your home on a budget?

Printables will make it easy to do just that!

Consider joining my Printable Club and you'll get 6 cute bundles PLUS 2 freebies! That's a $56 value, for only $20!!

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Now let's get crafty! Here's your printable, supply list and the tutorial video!

 I can’t wait to get crafty with you and have some fun!

Below is all the info you need! We sent the link to this page to your email also. (Please allow up to 15 minutes to receive it and be sure to check your spam/junk mail if you don’t see it.)

Click here to print/download your printable!

Watch the tutorial video here!!

Here's your supply list!

#1 - You'll of course need to print your printable bundle too! We will be using the first page - the other two pages are yours to do with what you want. 

These are PDF files, so you can either print from home on regular printer paper or card stock, OR you can send the file anyplace that makes copies and they will print it for you. (UPS store, Office Depot, Staples, etc) I will be using card stock, but you can definitely use regular paper for this too!

#2 - 8x10 wood plaque from Hobby Lobby - Quantity of 1

Shop Hobby Lobby

If you can’t find or get that, this is an alternative from Amazon and you’ll have extras to craft with too!

Shop Amazon

#3 - 16 mm half wood beads (15mm will also work)

Quantity of 4

Shop Amazon

#4 - Matte Mod Podge  

Shop Amazon

#5 - Brushes - foam brush for applying the mod podge, small brush for applying stain, small chip brush for dry brush technique. A brush pack like this would be perfect and have all you need! 

Shop Amazon

#6 - Antique wax - Folk Art from Hobby Lobby or Waverly from Walmart. If you don’t have either of those, any brown acrylic paint will work if you mix a little water with it to make a “stain.”

#7 - White paint - Can be chalk paint or acrylic for this!

#8 - Glue gun / glue sticks

OPTIONAL: If you want to try the iron method with the mod podge, you will need a small craft or travel iron and parchment paper. You do not have to have this! 

If you've never crafted with a printable before, check out this blog post for more info on the process and how it all works!

Go to blog post here!